Female sexuality

  • What makes a man desire a woman?

    What makes a man desire a woman?

    Men get excited about certain parts of a woman, but they don’t get overly excited about any sexual body part. So, what makes a man want a woman? Here are some tips to make a man swoon over you. Have a sense of humour, be playful, and have integrity. These traits are the top three reasons why men feel attracted to women. They’ll want to know more about you to make their attraction to you more real. Having a sense of humour Men and women have different priorities when it comes to a woman’s sense of humour. Women are more

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  • How to be a woman that men desire?

    How to be a woman that men desire?

    Some women are “wife material” for men, but some aren’t. The key is to show that you appreciate and pamper him. While it may not seem like a big deal, a man appreciates women who make him feel special. If you’re looking to attract a man who wants to be with you for the rest of your life, consider these tips. Listed below are three tips to be a woman that men will want to spend time with. Women want a man with a sense of humor Despite the sex differences in humor, women and men both value good humor

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  • How often do women desire sex?

    How often do women desire sex?

    Men and women enjoy different types of sex. Men initiate sex more often, while women are more willing to refuse it. But what exactly is the difference between the two sex desires? And is a woman more likely to reject a man than a man? This article will give you some answers. And if you want to get more detailed information, keep reading! Here are some interesting facts about men and women’s desire for sex. Lesbians and queer women enjoy more sex The average man lasts for 14 minutes during intercourse. Lesbians and queer women, on the other hand, last

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