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Influencer Interview

Influencer Interview

How Do You Cut Through 
The Noise? 
Do you feel like buyers are more skeptical and it's more difficult to share your message in the overcrowded online world

Do you feel like you are called to fulfill a mission through your work but it’s hard to articulate at times? 

Do you want to build trust faster with your prospects, audience, and potential joint venture partners? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place. 

You see...the reality is that online space is being saturated with traditional marketing

It’s difficult for purpose-driven entrepreneurs to cut through the noise…

On top of that...buyers are more guarded now than ever before...

In this world of big promises and small results...people want authenticity

I believe that in a time of ever-increasing disconnection...

They needed to feel CONNECTED….

To know you...so they can like you...so they can TRUST you

Because after all...
I looked for the current solutions of how to navigate these unique challenges of our day…

With thousands of books about business on Amazon alone...

And according to Engine Land, "70-80% of users ignore sponsored search results."

I realized that our current solutions WERE NOT WORKING! 

This began a quest to discover a new way

A solution that would be simple enough for anyone to follow...

A solution that would allow Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs to cut through the noise...

To have your voice HEARD...

To be truly seen at the core of their being so that your audience and potential customers could connect with you...feel you...and really

TRUST you…
You have to understand that any lessons I learn...I learned the hard way...

I am embarrassed to admit this but I flopped at my first interview...

The interviewer asked me to tell my story and I remember a wave of panic washing over me. 

How could I sum up my story...I mean where do I start...is grade four too far back? 

It was at that moment that I realized that I needed to learn how to tell my story in a way that brought the listener on the journey with me...

In a way that helped them trust me...and know that I understood them. 

That moment is what began my obsession with stories

I started interviewing world leaders about their stories and I discovered something...

After over 3000 hours interviewing these amazing leaders, I understood that many people did not know their story...their underlying story at least...the story that was never told

After several experts told me, "Connie I have been interviewed thousands of times and I have never shared that with anyone in an interview." 

I realized that I had a unique gift….

An ability to help people tell their story in a way that had never been told before…

An ability to understand them...their story...their message...BETTER than they UNDERSTOOD IT THEMSELVES

After I was approached by a few of my influencer friends who asked me to support them by telling their story, to launch their product, service, and brand…

I realized that I had a responsibility to support other entrepreneurs by telling their stories so they could expand their reach…

And so the Influencer Interview was created

This unique interviewing process uses the Influencer Interviewing Proprietary Method…

Now I am on a mission to help other authors, influencers, thought leaders, consultants, and coaches uncover your hidden story through a series of intentional interviewing processes…

That is designed to bypass the haze of skepticism that is blocking you from new audiences so you can build trust and create raving fans

To craft a masterful interview that will tell your hero journey and the hero journey of your customers….

In a way that has never been done before…

A way that draws out the story that has never been told...


You see, a magical thing happens when someone is asking you to tell your story as opposed to you telling it yourself…

You go places you never would have gone…

The listener trusts your story more because it has been drawn out of you…

Why Tell Your Story


You meet someone at a networking event

They ask you about what you do...

You decide that they might be a good fit for your business, 

So you set up a time to meet tomorrow.

Before you get on the phone together...

They check you out...

They go to your website and find a video...

It's a few minutes long so they decide to have a listen,

They open the video and hit the arrow in the middle...

This one action unlocks your story...

They listen to you tell why you do what you do...

They want to know more,

They want to know... can they trust you?

I mean let's face it, there are a million other options in the online space and they are trying to answer the age-old question...

Why YOU??

They see that there's an interview on your website about your story...it's your Influencer Interview

They decide to listen...

What they hear moves them

They realize that you are not only the person who can solve their problem...but you are the person who understands them...

You see, they don't just hear a story, they realize that you are telling their story...

A notification pops up on their phone...it's time to call you,

They pick up the phone...and they feel like they are calling an old friend. 

Research Shows Trust Is 
Built Through Stories


According to the results of a new comScore study, ads within an interview were found to be the least intrusive when compared with other types of digital ads. 

And not only do listeners not mind hearing them—they act on them

The study of 2,000 U.S. respondents ages 18 to 49 found that two-thirds of listeners have acted on ads they heard in an interview either by researching a product or service or by actually purchasing something they first heard about in the interview.

How Does It Work?

We begin with an Influencer Interview Discovery Session where I take you through a process that is designed to uncover your hidden hero journey, the one you don’t know yet…

This takes between 1-2 hours so strap in because you will understand yourself better than you have ever understood yourself before….

Then I take the information and careful craft elements of your story into a master outline for our Intentional Interviews….

The first interview guides you through telling your hidden hero journey…

The second interview guides you through the telling of your personal story so your audience will know you in a way they have never known you before.

Then...because I know that the world needs to hear your message now more than ever…
My team of influence-building experts takes these interviews and creates done-for-you content magic

Because you don't need another thing to do...

We do all the work for you to create the resources you need to share your message. 

Your Influencer Interviews are edited and branded with your unique messaging for you to share on your website and through your platform...

We create a 4-minute video summarizing your hero journey for you to use as a marketing tool to share with your potential clients, your audience, and on your website...

Your influencer interviews are broken down into short segments for your YouTube channel….

Why do we include video versions of your story? Because Forbes stated that "videos are shared 1,200% more than text and links combined."

We also know that "While people are spending much less time in front of a TV, they’re watching more YouTube than ever before." - Think With Google

These short segments are created into your blog articles for you to easily share across your social media platforms….

Branded Images are created to make it simple for you to share your content across all your social media…

Why do we want your story shared across social media? 

Because "More than 40% of digital consumers use social networks to research new brands or products." - GlobalWebIndex

The results? 

Your story is heard…across all social media platforms...on your website...and in a way that your potential clients can know you. 

This is important because we all know that people buy from those we KNOW….LIKE….and TRUST! 

Which Fits You Best?





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Your Interview edited and branded to share on your website and platform Value $297


4-minute video Promotional Value $997


Your interviews created into YouTube videos Value $697



Your interview created into blog articles to share on your social media platform Value $497



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“Connie Benjamin is an up-and-coming Rock Star -- and you know I recognize them! ” 
- Dame Doria Cordova, CEO, Global Business Developer, Sustainability Entrepreneur,
Ambassador of New Education, Mentor of Nurturing
“Connie, you were born to interview! ” 
- Teresa de Grosbois, Founder of the Evolutionary Business Council, International Speaker, 
Best Selling Author 
“Connie is so heartfelt and that really comes across.”
- Kymber Leigh, Holistic Lifestyle Expert, Inspiration & Empowerment Coach
"Connie has been such an inspirational and motivating force in my life as I have gone through this journey of launching my book."
- Purandev Kaur, Author & Coach

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